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Careers at Stewart & Cavalier Ltd

60 years in business – do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

At Stewart & Cavalier, we believe that quality work and honest relationships are the secret to ongoing success. Without our knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly staff we would not still be in business after 60+ years.
So today we are careful to continue the Stewart & Cavalier tradition of creating a great place to work where talented people, with high standards, can achieve great things for themselves, their customers and for Stewart & Cavalier.
We’re a family owned company and we aim to create a culture where people support one another, are respected and are encouraged to be the best they can be. We still do business the way it used to be done, where a promise really is a promise – and we’re proud of that.

There’s no hype and pretence here. This is a very real place with its feet on the ground, doing smart things for loyal customers. We’re here for the long haul. We work hard to make sure what we do today makes a positive difference tomorrow – for our people, our business, the environment and the communities we work in.
If this sounds like a company you’d like to be part of please take a look at our current vacancies or register  for upcoming roles.

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Current Vacancies at Stewart & Cavalier Ltd: