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Whirlstream Medical Waste Incineration

The Stewart & Cavalier association with Waste Technology spans some 15 years with the manufacturing of Whirlstream Incineration Plants throughout New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The announcement of the Stewart & Cavalier acquisition of Waste Technology is exciting news as it will allow the continuing evolution of technology and manufacturing support for the Whirlstream Advanced Waste Handling Incineration Systems into the future.



The above video shows a Waste to Energy Pyrolitic Combustion Plant System incorporating a stepped fixed hearth primary combustion chamber with under fire air and a specially designed ash burn down zone, secondary mixing chamber and ignition zone and a tertiary after burning zone.

Stewart & Cavalier were involved in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning for this plant and have been over time supplying equipment and spare parts for the program maintenance of this plant.

This plant to date has been in operation for approx ten and a half years with no mechanical downtime or failure.